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matrix code is not of the Matrix

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10:29 AM 4/6/05 - My sense of time is, admittedly, a bit screwy so I may be misremembering a related detail. Earlier today I was watching a repeat from the show 7 Days where a female artificial intelligence is threatening to unleash armageddon on the world if this one guy doesn't jack into her virtual world to be with her. Despite some symmetry, this isn't the issue I refer to.

Periodically, throughout the episode, you see lines of code running from top to bottom on her screen. It's green and it's Matrix code.

Or is it?

See, the problem is I can't recall when this particular episode first aired; was it before the Matrix came out or after? If it was before then it brings up the question how was the code selected in the first place for both series. Did the creators of the matrix series invent their own code for the movie or borrow from an existing source?

Anybody a bit more geekified willing to step in and enlighten me?
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